AAPG maintains a frequent relationship with the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services office and do our best to help our members with any questions or concerns they might find difficult to get answers for.  We are the ‘push’ when needed, and lobby on behalf of members and AAPG Resolutions.

AAPG provides template examples for your document needs, so you can view what other communities do, and save time by not starting from scratch. The majority of these document templates have been reviewed or co-authored with members of the Alberta department of Contract Policing.

Our Board is happy to have a call or meeting directly with your municipal representatives to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Most of our individual members report that their main benefit is having opportunities for in-person discussions, training and information gathering at our conference.  This is especially true for new Advisory/Committee/Commission/Council members.

Only AAPG Members have the opportunity to apply to sit on the ALERT Civilian Advisory Committee and offer a proposal to Host our annual Conference in their municipality.

New Members also receive discounted Conference registration fee ($200pp) the first year of membership.

AAPG would like all of those practicing Police Oversight to be a member, we are very happy to answer any questions you may have.  Membership application is easy!

Full Membership

Membership in the Association shall consist of those bodies with governance or oversight responsibility for a Police service or part thereof, including a Municipal Police Commission, a Regional Police Commission, a First Nations Police Commission, a Policing Committee, a Policing Advisory Committee, Municipal Council member or employee coordinating with the local RCMP detachment, Protective Services Manager or Emergency Services Manager, and who has paid the annual membership fee.  Full membership in the Association allows voting privileges and the right to hold office.

Full Membership Fees

Full annual membership fees are set at the following rates:
$2000 for an agency overseeing a police service of over 500 members (sworn and civillian).
$600 for an agency overseeing a police service of between 76 – 500 members.
$200 for an agency overseeing a police service of 75 and fewer members.

Full Membership Requirements

Complete the membership application and email to [email protected]


Associate Membership

Organizations not included in Full Membership, such as Victim Services or Neighbourhood Watch groups, but whose membership may contribute to the objectives and goals of the Association, may apply for associate membership.  If granted, Associate members enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of membership except for the right to vote and hold office.

Organizations seeking associate membership in the Association must submit an application stating why they wish to be a member and describing their involvement in policing oversight. The Board of Directors shall, by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote approve or deny the application for associate membership. 

Associate Membership Fees

Annual associate membership fees are set at $200.

Associate Membership Requirements

If would like to join our Associate membership, please fill out the membership application and return to [email protected] with a paragraph on your Police Oversight and Governance challenges and/or needs. Often this paragraph is just the fact that the group is interested in keeping in touch with AAPG activities and attending the AAPG Conference for education and training.