2009 Annual Conference

Saturday, April 4, 2009
2009's conference theme was "Solomon's Forum - Progress and Justice in a Complex Policing World". Presentations included "The Great Debate" - Clif Purvis of ASIRT and David Younggren of the Calgary Police Commission on whether police should investigate themselves, Deputy Minister Brad Pickering on Alberta's Law Enforcement Framework, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Ian Atkins on the RCMP Task Force on Governance and Cultural Change, Michelle Fillion from Edmonton's (NET) Neighbourhood Empowerment Teams, Diane Danielson on Calgary's "12 CSI" - Community Safety Initiative, policing law expert Paul Ceyssens on the Future of Policing, and Orrin Lyseng - Executive Director of the Alberta Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health
Sutton Place Hotel
Conference Document Repository: 
Mental Health and Policing179.5 KB