About Us

The Alberta Association of Police Governance (AAPG) was incorporated under Alberta’s Societies Act in 2003.

The AAPG is an association of police commissions and RCMP policing committees created pursuant to Alberta’s Police Act.

The organization exists to support excellence in civilian governance of police services in Alberta. The AAPG also acts as a resource for government, providing input into the development of policing-related law and policy.

Once a year the AAPG provides a forum for its members to come together with other stakeholders from across the province to share information and ideas on best practices in police governance and oversight.

AAPG Guiding Principles

The AAPG will be guided in its policy formulation by the following principles:

  1. Police oversight bodies in Alberta are entitled to information and resources that will permit them to fulfill their legislated responsibilities;
  2. Police services should be held accountable through governance and oversight by citizen members of the community served;
  3. Civilian governance of police, when working optimally, creates a separation between politics and policing; and
  4. Crime-prevention through social policy is an essential part of any public safety strategy.