Alberta's top Mountie Marianne Ryan announces her retirement

Release Date: 
January 10, 2017
Trevor Robb
Calgary Sun

Alberta RCMP commanding officer and deputy commissioner Marianne Ryan is retiring after 35 years.

“I have been truly privileged to serve as the commanding officer of the Alberta RCMP for over the past three years.” said Ryan, in a written statement. “Every day I am in absolute awe of the outstanding work, dedicated service and very high level of commitment to public safety that our employees provide in all of our units and detachments across this great province.”

Ryan has held the position of RCMP deputy commissioner for the last three years. Her last day will be on March 3.

The RCMP are expected to name a new deputy commissioner before Ryan's final day.

Ryan's career included posts in Manitoba, British Columbia and in Alberta. Her responsibilities included officer in charge of the Vancouver Integrated Proceeds of Crime Section, chief officer for Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia, and criminal operations officer for the Alberta RCMP.