Alberta Police Chiefs Urge Government To Amend Police Act

Release Date: 
August 9, 2017
Warren Affleck
Medicine Hat 102.1 CJCY

Medicine Hat Police Chief Andy McGrogan calls the current act antiquated and in need of change.

Alberta Chiefs of Police are calling on the Provincial government to take a serious look at the Police Act and make some changes. Following their recent meeting, a paper was issued outlining 6 areas they say could use improvements as a start. Medicine Hat Police Chief and Association president Andy McGrogan says the proposed changes will create more transparency. McGrogan says, "Let's open this up and let's have more civilian oversight, different civilian oversight. Have independent bodies investigating the police. We're talking about trust and our communities need to trust that police are doing the right thing." McGrogan says the paper is being sent to the government and he hopes they will take a serious look at the suggestions and make them part of the legislative agenda.

Note from AAPG: The discussion document, prepared by the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police, outlining potential areas of modernization for the Act, can be viewed at: