AAPG Announces New Executive Director

The Alberta Association of Police Governance (AAPG) has selected Ms. Jennifer Freund as the new Executive Director of the AAPG, effective immediately. Ms. Freund succeeds Ms. Patricia Tolppanen.

Ms. Freund has a breadth of knowledge valuable to the role of Executive Director, having studied and worked in the field of criminal justice, policing and oversight. She researches and writes exclusively in the area of policing law and as such, she has a thorough understanding of the Police Act and Peace Officer Act. She has a strong awareness of policing and police governance and oversight throughout Alberta and across the country, gained through both policing and oversight experiences, including work with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Calgary Police Commission. Ms. Freund has published work on police civil liability for negligent investigation, presented work on complaints and litigation against the police.

Ms. Freund believes that civilian governance and oversight are valuable components of policing and ones to which her new role has a unique opportunity to contribute.

The AAPG will be well served by Ms. Freund. Her extensive background, in depth knowledge of all facets of policing and police governance will add great value to the organization.

On behalf of the AAPG I want to thank Ms. Tolppanen for her service and wish her well in her new role with the Alberta Ombudsman’s Office.

Shami Sandhu, Chair
Alberta Association of Police Governance